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What have the Tar Heels been up to lately? The women’s team is at the top of its game. Stars are shining. Plus some amazing action in Tar Heel tennis. Kevin Burge below delivers a quick round-up of the best of UNC.

Lady Tar Heels Shine Under Banghart

The Lady Tar Heels have gone 7-0 so far in their season, and show no signs of stopping. Since Courtney Banghart took over, the basketball team has a different look about it. More disciplined. Readier to punish mistakes. Communicating better.

In Banghart’s third season in charge, the changes we’ve seen on the court in the last couple of years are now paying dividends. The Lady Tar Heels have been dominant in their opening games, with the first 4 games being won by an average of 49 points. 

Banghart has instilled a winning mentality and discipline into a team that is bursting with talent. Players like Alyssa Ustby and Deja Kelly are incredible prospects who deserve the expert coaching that someone with Banghart’s formidable experience can give them. We can look forward to great things from this team.

Caleb Love Displays Punishing Form Against Michigan

Caleb Love is an explosive talent in the men’s basketball game with a lot to offer. He showed the best of his game against Michigan at the Smith Center. Finishing with 22 points, Love demonstrated why so many people were so hyped about him in his sophomore year.

The key questions are whether Love can show consistency with this kind of performance and whether he will be allowed to do so. All current indicators point to one answer: yes.

Coach Hubert Davis has expressed confidence in his player, describing him as “a definitive first-round draft pick”. We can be sure that Davis wants to see the best of Love get even better as the season goes on. 

In terms of consistency, questions have been asked in the past, but in current form, there’s nothing that appears to be lacking in Love’s mindset. He’s spoken about benefiting from taking coaches’ advice on board, and we eagerly anticipate watching this phenomenal talent grow.

Tar Heel Tennis: Elizabeth Scotty Rounds Up Superb 2021

We’re always looking for Tar Heels who go on to succeed in their sport, and one to keep an eye on is tennis sensation, Elizabeth Scotty. In 2021, Scotty racked up:

  • 3 National Championships
  • 1 ACC Championship
  • A US Open debut

The 20-year-old finished her season off with a doubles victory at the ITA Fall National Championships. Despite the glory of victories, the peak of her season was undoubtedly appearing in the women’s doubles at the US Open, the first Grand Slam event she’d participated in. They lost narrowly to a team that included a 3-time Grand Slam doubles winner (7-6, 7-6).

Scotty’s prowess is incredible. Her mature understanding of balancing humility with ambition is impressive. It’s sure to be an exciting season on the court in 2022.

Individual Brilliance Blended with Expert Coaching for the Tar Heels

What we’re currently seeing in Tar Heels sports is the exceptional talent of players fueled by superb coaches. It’s certainly a great time to be a Tar Heel. 

Kevin Burge
Kevin Burge writes about local sports.